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Datacenters play a crucial role in supporting the digital infrastructure of various organizations including businesses, government agencies, VPS hosting companies and other entities that rely on computing systems to manage  and store their data. A datacenter typically is a facility composed of networked computers or servers and storage that hosting companies use to organize, process and store large amounts of data. Datacenters can range from small server rooms to massive facilities with thousands of servers. It can also be referred as the location of your hosted server.



Voxfor has various datacenters all over the world, all based on Hetzner clouds. Hetzner cloud is a cloud computing service provided by Hetzner online, a web-hosting company based in Germany. Hetzner cloud offers a range of cloud services, including virtual servers, storage and networking capabilities that users can manage and access remotely over the internet. Customers can deploy and scale virtual servers quickly, store data securely, and configure networking resources to build and manage their servers, applications and services in the cloud. Voxfor has agreements with Hetzner cloud to provide cloud hosting services to their customers.

Here’s a list of different countries that Voxfor has their datacenters located in:

  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Finland
  • New Zealand
  • Netherlands
  • Israel
  • France
  • Romania

Voxfor provides unmatched performance and affordability to their customers. When it comes to VPS hosting, voxfor provides various packages, take a look on our website for the packages. one of the most popular lifetime vps plans of Voxfor is Germany VPS. It’s datacenter is located in germany and have different plans based on the requirements of a client.

Is it secured?

Voxfor’s datacenters take several measures to ensure data security. They use advanced physical security systems like surveillance cameras, access controls, and even biometric authentications to protect against unauthorized access. They also have fire suppression systems and backup power supplies to keep the data safe in case of emergencies. Moreover, they also have the DDOS protection, implemented to mitigate or prevent DDoS attacks. In a DDoS attack, multiple compromised computers are used to flood a targeted system, such as a website or server, with an overwhelming amount of traffic. This flood of traffic can disrupt the normal functioning of the system, making it inaccessible to legitimate users. Therefore, it is completely secured.

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