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Lifetime VPS Hosting | No Monthly Fees, High Performance

lifetime VPS (Virtual Private Server) refers to a hosting plan where you pay a one time fee upfront and get VPS hosting for lifetime of service, without any monthly or yearly recurring charges. Plans starts from $250 to $17340, between this price range, there are different packages that include a wide range of features starting from small servers that can hold websites to big servers that can hold big applications and several websites.

you can choose a plan according to your needs, depending upon the number of websites you have, and how much disk space you need. In this article, we will explain all the features available in lifetime VPS plans

Data centers:

in plans with lifetime VPS hosting, you can choose between three datacenters in three different countries according to what best suits your needs.

Operating systems:

with every plan, you have an option to select a different operating system if you need, plans include all the updated operating systems such as CentOS, ubuntu, AlmaLinux, Debian etc

Control panel:

you can also select if you need a control panel, you can see several options in the dropdown list with monthly and lifetime payment methods.

Addons: lifetime VPS hosting plans also include these additional features:

1. Softaculous: Softaculous is a popular auto-installer script library that allows you to easily install various web applications and scripts on your hosting accounts or servers, plans are available with both monthly, and yearly methods
2. immunify 360: Immunify 360 offers advanced security features and proactive defense mechanisms to safeguard websites and web applications hosted on Linux servers

Full management:

Full management includes all the necessary services to ensure that your website is available, secure and runningoptimally. our serices include 24/7 professional support, including server-side issues, all types of troubleshooting and testing and improving your website’s loading speed. Full management ensures that you get a reliable hosting service that meets your needs without unexpected issues down the line.

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