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How to fix corrupted files in WordPress » Voxfor

How to fix corrupted files in WordPress. File corruption can occur if there are server-side errors while updating the database, plugins, or themes. Other common causes include using an outdated version of PHP and misconfigured file or directory permissions. This basically means that when one or more files within the WordPress installation become damaged, incomplete, or corrupted, the browser will show this message. This can happen due to various reasons, ranging from incomplete updates to server issues. Here are some common causes of this error and how to address them;

How to Fix Corrupted Files in WordPress

  • If a WordPress update process is interrupted or incomplete, it can result in corrupted files. This might happen due to a server timeout, network issues, or manual interruption during the update process
  • Errors can occur during the transfer of WordPress files from your computer to the server. This might happen due to interruptions in the file transfer process, such as network issues or incorrect permissions on the server
  • Server malfunctions or disk corruption can lead to file corruption within the WordPress installation. If the server experiences hardware failures or disk errors, it can affect the integrity of WordPress files
  • Malware infections or security breaches can also cause file corruption within the WordPress installation. Hackers may inject malicious code into WordPress files, leading to corruption or damage
  • Incorrect file permissions on the server can prevent WordPress from accessing or modifying certain files, leading to corruption errors
  • In some cases, faulty plugins or themes may also corrupt WordPress files.

To address the “WordPress Files Are Corrupt” error, you can try the following steps:

  • Reinstall WordPress: Manually reinstall the WordPress core files by downloading the latest version from the official WordPress website and replacing the existing files on your server.
  • Restore from Backup: If you have a recent backup of your WordPress installation, you can restore the files from the backup to revert to a known working state.
  • Scan for Malware: Use security plugins or services to scan your WordPress installation for malware and remove any malicious code that may be causing file corruption.
    plugin - security
  • Check Server Health: Contact your hosting provider to investigate any server-related issues that may be causing file corruption, such as disk errors or hardware failures.
  • Monitor File Changes: Regularly monitor your WordPress files for any unauthorized changes or modifications that could indicate a security breach or malware infection.

By addressing these potential causes and taking appropriate measures, you can resolve the “WordPress Files Are Corrupt” error and restore your website to a stable state.

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