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Fix "Not Allowed to Access This Page" on WordPress

How to Fix “Not Allowed to Access This Page” on WordPress

Not Allowed to Access This Page. This is basically a WordPress default message when you don’t have the right user level to access the page.

This usually occurs when a user attempts to access a web page or resource for which they do not have the necessary permissions.

This error is a security measure implemented by the web application to restrict unauthorized access to sensitive or restricted content

There could be a lot of reasons for such an error to occur, some of the main reasons can be as follows;

  • Insufficient Permissions: The user attempting to access the page may not have the necessary permissions or privileges to view the content. This could be due to their user role, group membership, or specific access permissions configured in the application.
    Wordpress Userswordpress user roles
  • Restricted Content: The page or resource being accessed may be restricted to certain users or user groups. This could be intentional, such as private user profiles or premium content, or a result of misconfigured access controls.
  • Authentication Issues: The user may not be properly authenticated or logged in to the web application. Some pages or resources may require users to be authenticated before accessing them, and if the user is not logged in or their session has expired, they may encounter this error.
  • URL or Route Restrictions: The URL or route used to access the page may be restricted or blocked by the application’s security settings or access control lists. This could be due to specific URL patterns, IP address restrictions, or referral restrictions.
  • IP Address Blocking: The user’s IP address may be blocked or restricted by the application’s firewall or security settings. This could happen if the user’s IP address has been flagged for suspicious activity or if it matches a blocklist entry.
  • Server Configuration Issues: Misconfigurations in the server settings, such as incorrect permissions on files or directories, can prevent users from accessing certain pages or resources.

Though this is one of the most common errors a client could see, you can easily resolve this error by using the following methods;

  • Review the user’s permissions or role settings in the application’s user management system to ensure they have the necessary access rights to view the page or resource.
  • Make sure the user is properly authenticated and logged in to the web application. If necessary, prompt the user to log in or provide authentication credentials before accessing the restricted content.
  • Check the application’s access control settings, URL restrictions, and IP address blocking rules to ensure they are configured correctly and allow access to the desired page or resource.
  • Review the server configuration, including file permissions, directory settings, and firewall rules, to ensure there are no restrictions or misconfigurations preventing access to the page.
  • If you are unable to resolve the issue on your own, contact the application’s support team or the website administrator for further assistance in diagnosing and resolving the access restriction error.


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